Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement Can Become Necessary When Doors Do Not Function As They Should


Garage doors are necessary for safeguarding your valuable vehicles and also giving them protection from the elements. Most of them have springs that make it easier to open and close the doors. Garage doors on an average, are operated about 1500 times annually. The repeated operation can cause a lot of stress on their individual working mechanisms. Springs are an important part of most of these operating devices, and you will have to look at garage door spring replacement if there are problems with their working.


Keeping garage door springs in the right state of repair can ensure that your doors operate safely and with the required degree of reliability. There are also other parts of a door, like panels, tracks and rollers that make up the doors, but the springs are the ones that require constant maintenance. Springs are apt to deterioration because of the constant stress they have to undergo. Any door that has problems in closing and opening do need an inspection of its springs. Most garage doors have torsion springs at the top. They use the mechanism of twisting for carrying out the work. Cables attached to the door and the spring causes the door to lift as the torsion spring gets twisted. The extension of these same springs allows the doors to close. It is difficult to replace torsion springs, and the work can also be dangerous. It is a job that is best carried out by the professionals.

Garage Door Spring Replacement


Extension springs use the mechanism of stretching on garage doors. They ensure that doors open and close evenly on either side. They are mounted on the rim of the doors. These side mounted springs are cumbersome and long. They also need to be checked at intervals and replaced when they lose their efficiency due to the constant exertion of force on them.


Garage door spring replacement is not an easy job and does lead to a lot of accidents when such repair work is undertaken by people not adequately trained to do it. You need to have the right knowledge on the ways of adjusting spring tensions, as this then enables the doors to close and open correctly. An imbalance in spring tensions can lead to doors not closing properly on all sides, and this is often due to the springs not having the right tension.


Many garage doors do have motors to operate them and any repair on springs must be carried out after ensuring that power is switched off to the motor unit, by removing fuses. Removal of fuses will ensure that nobody inadvertently turns on the motor. Garage door springs are made of hardened steel. They will normally come in pairs, and it is always advisable to replace all springs even if only one spring in a the set is broken. The set replacement makes it easier to do the necessary tension adjustments that ensure that door operates evenly.


The cost of garage door springs may not be high, but labor costs can raise costs if you bring in the professionals. Make sure that the springs you get as a replacement are suited to your model of the garage door.